EDUJudge Project

Integrating on-line judge into effective e-learning

The EduJudge system is a distributed asynchronous e-learning system based on the integration of the UVa On-line Judge ( as well as other e-learning tools, such as QUESTOURnament and crimsonHex, into a more interactive, competitive and motivating learning environment.

The system has been developed in the context of the EduJudge project (, which is aimed to integrate together the Moodle learning platform and the chance of proposing programming questions, which are obtained from a special repository and need to be evaluated by the aforementioned judge.

  • The UVa On-line Judge is a programming trainer created in 1995 by Miguel Á. Revilla with the aim of preparing students to take part in programming contests all around the world. Currently, it counts with more than 100.000 users and more than 2.700 programming problems. So far, it has received more than 8 million of submissions and has supported about 250 programming contests.
  • The QUESTOURnament module has been designed as a new activity module to be supported by Moodle. It encourages students to compete among themselves trying to solve a set of limit-timed challenges. Within the EduJudge project, a new Moodle question-type, also called EduJudge, has been developed for the system to be able to undertake an external evaluation. QUESTOURnament module is responsible for driving programming contests and competitions into the e-learning platform Moodle by using EduJudge questions.
  • The crimsonHex repository is an out-of-the-box public repository within the EduJudge system. It has a suitable collection of validated programming problems, which were previously stored as Learning Objects (LOs). This repository contains a large variety of programming and algorithmic problems that can be obtained searching for different features, such as keywords, author, type, instruction level, difficulty level and language.

Should you want to download the leaflet about the EduJudge project, please click here (PDF).

Should you want to download the leaflet about the EduJudge system, please click here (PDF).

You can find more information about the progress of the EduJudge Project in the Publications section of its web.